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  • Hydro geological and Geophysical Exploration for ground water in Volta Region of Ghana and Training of District Engineers of Volta Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project in the use of Geophysical Survey Techniques for ground water Exploration.

Client               :               Volta Region Rural Water and Sanitation

Duration          :               1994 – 1996

Country           :               Ghana


  • Hydrogeological and Geophysical investigations for ground water of parts of West Gonja, Northern Ghana.

Client               :               GTZ/NORRIP

Duration          :               1992 – 1993

Country           :               Ghana


  • Geophysical investigations of borehole sites in Axim District of Western Ghana.

Client               :               Alpine – Water-tech – Porch JV

Duration          :               1991 – 1992

Country           :               Ghana


  • Geo-electric survey for groundwater in parts of Northern Ghana.

Client               :               Prakla Seismos GmBh

Duration          :               1989

Country           :               Ghana