The Future in Mining Consultancy Worldwide

Provision of appropriate technology in Small Scale Mining (from exploration through mining to processing and reclamation)

Small-scale mining, particularly in gold and diamond mining, provides a significant source of employment in Ghana.

Geoman Consult has been providing exceptional consultancy services in this area to governments in Ghana and West Africa, the European Union, other donor agencies, and private companies.


Our services for small-scale mining include

  • the exploration and valuation of alluvial, colluvial, and hardrock small-scale properties,
  • Project reviews and technical advice to ASM (artisanal small-scale mining) operations
  • Due diligence on small scale property acquisitions or investments
  • advice and guidance on utilizing the best equipment and techniques available in the region.
  • We also focus on community and stakeholder engagement to build relationships and partnerships.
  • Research, development, and drafting of policy papers and advocacy materials,
  • Capacity building for policy development and implementation in the context of mining and inputs,
  • environmental education for sustainable development, and the development of participatory programs and interactive learning modules for miners of any type of minerals.
  • Additionally, we conduct studies on industrial minerals such as salt, kaolin, silica sand, brown clay, aggregates, and crushed rocks.