The Future in Mining Consultancy Worldwide

Provision of appropriate technology in Small Scale Mining (from exploration through mining to processing)

Geoman Consult is an Exceptional Consultancy Company that focuses on provision of services and exploitation of minerals to Small Scale miners within Ghana, West Africa and Africa. We provide the best possible equipment and techniques available to Clients in the region.

The company focuses on relationships and partnerships with several Individuals and Companies as such is simultaneously always working on different projects, this attitude helps to better the industry and its numerous customers.

In Ghana, Small Scale mining constitutes a major source of employment especially gold and diamond.

Apart from gold and diamonds, Geoman undertakes studies in the area of industrial minerals such as Salt, Kaolin, Silica Sand, Brown Clay, aggregates and crushed rocks.


Other Services in the Small Scale includes:

  • Research, development and drafting of policy papers and advocacy materials and publication.
  • Capacity building for policy development and implementation in context of mining / inputs related to the right needs, capacities and involvement of miners, environmental education for sustainable development.
  • Development of participatory programmes, interactive learning modules for miners of any type of minerals as well as dialogue to specifically meet the needs of your organization, and your community.